Top interview questions for a virtual assistant

Preparing for a new staff member can be challenging, particularly when conducting interviews without the right questions. This is especially true when hiring virtual assistants, as specific skills are required for the role. Failure to ask appropriate questions can result in hiring the wrong person, causing issues that can be both costly and time-consuming.

To avoid such pitfalls, knowing the right virtual assistant interview questions should be asked during the interview process is essential. This article will provide insights into the most important questions that must be asked to ensure that the right candidate is selected for the position.

Top Questions You Could Ask When Interviewing A Virtual Assistant 

Here are the essential inquiries to pose while recruiting a virtual assistant.

For how long have you worked as a virtual assistant?

Determining the amount of experience your candidates have as virtual assistants is crucial, as experience plays a significant role. A virtual assistant candidate with the necessary skills and experience in a virtual assistant role will likely be a good match for your company. However, if the job requires basic administrative tasks such as data entry using core skills, having experience is optional.

Conversely, if you need a virtual assistant with specialized skills such as compiling financial reports, hiring someone with a high level of expertise in that area is essential. At best times, you may have to exercise your judgment when considering the right person ​with the skill set required for the virtual assistant jobs but lacks the desired experience.

Which specific skills would you describe as your areas of expertise?

It’s crucial to remember that each virtual assistant role is unique when hiring them. The days of virtual assistants only answering phone calls and performing basic data entry are long gone. Therefore, it’s important to determine the specific skills in which the candidate excels.

For instance, if a candidate has expertise in sales or bookkeeping, they might be an excellent fit for the role of a bookkeeping virtual assistant with the potential to enhance their skills. Even if a candidate is a bookkeeping expert passionate about social media, they could become an asset to your company with continuous learning and the right development training.

What inspired you to pursue a career as a virtual assistant?

To ensure that you hire the right virtual assistant, it is crucial to understand the type of individual you are interviewing. Open-ended questions are an excellent way to achieve this goal. The responses you receive can offer insights into the candidate’s communication abilities and motivation for the position.

A potential virtual assistant may exhibit enthusiasm for the job or a strong desire to enhance their abilities and progress in their career. If the candidate has experience working in customer service roles, they may possess effective communication skills and can provide outstanding customer service to your organization.

What are your preferred IT tools?

Virtual assistants in businesses benefit from constantly introducing new technologies to improve communication channels. As a result, it’s important to ascertain the IT tools that each candidate is proficient in. Different administrative assistants will have varying levels of familiarity with IT software packages, so it’s crucial to determine whether the candidates are well-versed in the specific software that aligns with the job role they are being interviewed for. Even if the job description specifies experience with particular IT software, it’s necessary to inquire further during the job interview. IT tools like project management software aim to simplify task completion.

What Tools Don’t You Like?

During the interview, a candidate’s exceptional problem-solving skills might become apparent. In such a scenario, it becomes crucial to inquire about the software they struggle with. A proficient virtual assistant typically possesses knowledge of various IT software and can provide valuable feedback regarding the software that has caused them difficulties. For instance, if you use software to enhance your time management skills, an exceptional VA should be forthcoming about any issues they face while using the software. Their response will enable you to make a more informed decision when hiring a candidate.

What measures do you take to ensure security on your computer?

To maintain a high level of customer service, it is crucial to prioritize the security of your IT infrastructure. One essential aspect of this is to ascertain the IT security measures in place on the home computer of any potential virtual assistant. It is important to ensure remote workers have a reliable and secure internet connection from a private network and have installed up-to-date anti-virus software packages. If you decide to hire them, your IT department may need to implement two-factor authentication on any critical applications or software they use. Maintaining the integrity of your IT security is vital when employing remote virtual workers.

When are you most likely to be available?

Determining the appropriate work hours for a potential virtual assistant is crucial, as they will likely have multiple clients. A great virtual assistant should be adaptable and able to accommodate your business hours and personal obligations. Since virtual assistants work remotely, it’s important to remember that they may be located in different time zones, which could be an advantage if managed effectively, but communication styles may differ. Coordinating phone or video calls with your virtual assistant based on their client workload is important.

What is your desired weekly work schedule in terms of hours?

Similar to the previous inquiry, you need to ascertain the weekly availability of your prospective virtual assistant. While this may seem like a minor detail, it is crucial for all parties involved to be completely transparent to avoid any potential conflicts down the line. Hiring a virtual assistant who can only commit to 20 hours per week would be counterproductive if your advertised position requires 30 hours. To prevent such problems, it is essential to clearly define the tasks you require assistance with and prioritize them based on their level of urgency.

What methods do you employ to manage your tasks effectively?

To ensure that you hire a competent virtual assistant, evaluating their time management skills and task management techniques is important. Virtual assistants work remotely and must be well-organized to provide exceptional service to your company.

Since a virtual assistant may have multiple clients, prioritizing time management and scheduling appointments is crucial. It is essential to ensure that your virtual assistant has contingency measures if they cannot complete a task on time. Furthermore, they should inform you promptly of any issues to allow you to make alternative arrangements within a reasonable time difference.

What is your preferred method of communication with employers?

Virtual assistants from different countries may have their best way of communicating with management and colleagues. Some may prefer weekly phone or video calls, while others prefer daily email or instant messaging through Slack. By identifying their preferred communication method during the interview process, you can save time and ensure they can start working effectively right after being hired.

What made you feel that this job was a good fit for you?

The responses to this query will inevitably differ based on the advertised position. For instance, if you’re advertising for a typical administrative assistant who primarily performs routine and straightforward data entry responsibilities, the potential candidate may not display immense enthusiasm for the role but may view it as a starting point for career advancement. Conversely, if you’re searching for someone to oversee your social media accounts, the ideal candidate is expected to possess outstanding communication skills and exhibit enthusiasm. Additionally, they might have exceptional graphic design abilities to enhance the visual appeal of your social media posts.

Do you possess specific career objectives?

Candidates who are ambitious and eager to advance their professional careers are typically deemed exceptional. Nonetheless, as the interviewer, you must identify their career aspirations. Depending on the industry in which your organization operates, the candidate may demonstrate skills well-suited for future positions, such as customer service representative within your firm. 

Establishing a transparent career trajectory for all employees within your organization will likely attract high-quality talent. A motivated virtual assistant who is open to upskilling can immensely benefit your business.

Can you describe the process you follow when solving problems?

Every business faces challenges at some point, but it remains crucial to maintain exceptional customer service. To ensure this, it’s vital to gauge how candidates handle problems related to their job role. As an employer, you seek staff who can confidently address minor issues independently but are also comfortable contacting team members for assistance. It’s imperative to avoid difficult situations where your employees struggle with problems that could impede your company’s future growth. Hence, adopting an approachable management style is necessary for employees to feel comfortable seeking your assistance when faced with difficulties.

What is your approach to resolving conflicts?

In the business world, expecting that personality clashes will never arise is unrealistic. Therefore, evaluating how candidates would manage challenging team members is crucial. A simple question about their approach to resolving conflicts can provide valuable insight into their character. Hiring someone with poor people skills who cannot work collaboratively as part of a team can be detrimental. If a candidate demonstrates specific conflict resolution methods, such as holding a clear-the-air meeting, it indicates a non-confrontational approach. Compromise is crucial in business, but if team members cannot arrive at a suitable compromise, you may need to intervene and find a fair solution to resolve issues for all staff.

Is there any skill that you are interested in acquiring?

A highly competent virtual assistant (VA) typically leverages their prior experiences to stay motivated and actively pursue opportunities to acquire new skills, thereby improving their career prospects. Their response times to this question can provide valuable insight into their drive and determination. A few individuals may stand out among the best candidates, demonstrating their potential for success. For example, a candidate who can quickly acquire new skills and articulate how they plan to gain the relevant prior experience to become a graphic designer will likely make a strong impression. In some cases, candidates may express a desire to improve their command of the English language. As an employer, it’s crucial to support their efforts by providing additional English lessons to help them achieve their goals.

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Preparing the right questions for an interview can be intimidating, especially if you haven’t taken the time. Therefore, preparing suitable interview questions for virtual assistants and obtaining references from their previous clients is crucial.

Furthermore, it is customary business owner practice to offer a paid trial period to exceptional candidates before committing to their long-term employment.

If you lack the time or expertise to complete the entire process of sourcing, hiring, training, and managing your virtual assistant, why not let us take care of everything for you?

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