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SAFI Virtual recognized a gap left wide open by standard VA services. While the market is saturated with freelancers and generalist virtual assistant firms catering to the masses, we carved out a niche for those who demand specialized expertise without the premium price tag.

At SAFI Virtual, ‘assistant’ does not adequately convey the high quality services that our team offers. Each of our Virtual Professionals (VPs) brings a wealth of knowledge, skill, and training to your business challenges, empowering you to transcend typical VA capabilities. They’re not just supporting players; they’re lead strategists in streamlining your operations.

Choosing SAFI means opting for a caliber of professional distinction. Partner with us, and the SAFI difference won’t just be seen—it’ll be felt, revolutionizing the way you work.

Each of the founders started as entrepreneurs and scaled their companies which means we understand each of the stages you are going through. And we built the talent infrastructure you need based on our experiences so that you can grow and scale without falling into the pitfalls we did. 

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Meet The SAFI Virtual Team

       Head of Human Resources – Otmane Smlali 

From finding top-notch talent to keeping the team happy and their skills up-to-date, Otmane uses his 15+ years of hands-on tactical recruitment to keep the team moving forward.

Whether it is making sure SAFI’s talent pool stays filled so we can support you as you grow, to finding backup VPs when your team is on break, Otmane keeps things moving.


As Director of Operations for SAFI Virtual, Oumaima handles the day to day operations of the team, ensuring that our clients are supported from a customer service, administrative, and training standpoint.

Oumaima is a true success story as she joined us as a virtual professional herself more than 6 years ago and elevated to her current role supporting our valued clients. 

Director of Operations – Oumaima Rouky

      Business Development – Oumaima Maarouf

Whether it is helping to build and hire a team, find and deploy new service and product offerings, Oumaima has the knowledge and experience to ensure each SAFI Virtual client gets the quality and support they need to grow and thrive. 

Another SAFI success story, Oumaima began her career as a Virtual Professional more than two years ago and quickly elevated to a Business Development role, ensuring that our clients are taken care of.

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SAFI Virtual has been a huge timesaver and valuable resource for our team. We did not even know how many tasks we were doing that could be outsourced and delegated with proper direction until we hired SAFI. Our team can take on more files and higher caseloads while maintaining proactive, clear communication with clients to ensure guaranteed satisfaction. They make work fun, seamless, and streamlined!
Hope O.
From Virginia
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SAFI Virtual refers to their virtual assistants as virtual professionals and having worked with my VP team now for over a year, I can see the difference. My virtual team are highly educated, speak fluent English, and they just get it. I've used other virtual assistants in the past, but the SAFI team are hands-down, the highest quality resources that I've experienced.
Susan G.
Phoenix, Arizona
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